Dachshund Rescue Kansas City

Dachshund Rescue Kansas City

Dachshund Rescue Kansas City

My dogs are my very best friends. Each dog receives the finest medical care. A lot of these dogs are seniors who have not ever known another home. If you’re surrendering a dog, please get in touch with us and we’ll send you an owner surrender form. These dogs are currently living as cherished family members across the USA. Saving one dog is not going to change the planet, but you’ll alter the world for that 1 dog. I will either take the dog myself or attempt to find somebody who also rescues to find out that we can do.

If you choose to take your dachshund for walks, be certain to use a leash. Dachshunds come in a number of smallish sizes, coats, and colors. Miniature Dachshunds ought to be socialized at a young age to steer clear of excessive aggressiveness towards other animals. Enjoy taking a look at our mini dachshunds, and always feel welcome to get in touch with us if you need to find out more.

If you’re looking for a new family member look at our available dachshund and dachshund mixes. There’s no other testimonial better than the simple fact that individuals who know beagles wish to continue having beagles. Many are housebroken and trained.

There is a huge demand for dogs in Kansas City, and the number of people looking for a new pet is rising as the population ages. The average age for the dogs is twelve years old and in some cases, they are a bit older.

There are many things that you need to know about the rescue group in Kansas City. First, they have the goal of finding homes for dogs in the area that have been abandoned or neglected. This is not easy to do. There is a huge amount of pet food that is put on the streets every day and the dogs that come from this type of shelter have to fend for themselves. This is where the rescue group comes in.

The rescue group helps place dogs in good homes and the majority of them are purebred. They also have a few older dogs that need to be spayed and neutered, which can be done with the help of a veterinarian. The group has a veterinarian that works with all the dogs that come in as well as taking care of all the puppies and kittens that are born.

There are many different dog owners in Kansas City that can look for the right dog for them. There are those that are looking for a dog to keep in their home and a few of these owners have a group that will help to look for homes for the dogs that come from their homes. There are many dog owners that have pets that they love to care for but don’t have the time to care for them on their own.

The rescue group will take the time to talk to the dog owner and get to know them. Then the rescue group will help them set up the proper home for the dog and the people will have a lot of fun while the dog is around. There is a lot of fun involved in having the dog around and the owner enjoys spending time with their pet. The dog owners that come into the rescue group will learn a lot about raising their dog and that is a great way for them to bond with the animal.

There are many different types of pets in Kansas City and this includes dogs, cats, birds, and horses. The group in Kansas City takes care of the entire area in Kansas City, including all of the different types of pets. The dogs are all spayed and neutered so that they are not only beautiful to look at but they are healthy.


  1. My dachshund recently died at 18 years am looking for another dachshund to give a home to in the Kansas City,Mo area.We would like maybe an older one or one not necessarily a puppy.Could you direct me to a resource to find a Dachshund or dachshund Mix?

  2. Very informative article on dachshunds with alot of good information .

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