Corgi Golden Mix

The Corgi Golden Mix Is A Viable Solution For Any Family

Are Corgis And Golden Retrievers the same breed? While they may look similar on the outside, Corgis and Golden are very different in many ways, especially when it comes to how they think and behave. They make fantastic family pets as well as love to cuddle up, making them a good choice for first-time dog owners!

However, while highly intelligent, they’re also known to be independent, making training them a challenge at times, though not impossible, at least not at first. Corgis love to investigate and challenge you, while Goldens are more laid back. When it comes to the two, there’s much more in common than the two. Both have long coats, but unlike the Retriever mix, Goldens don’t have a silky smooth coat, but one that is more wiry and curly. This makes them great for those who are finicky eaters and those with allergies. Goldens are also rather difficult to groom, although some have been bred to eliminate this problem.

So now you’ve decided to join the fun, of finding the right dog for your family.

There are many things to consider when choosing a dog such as character, temperament, size, and coat type, just to name a few. Luckily, Corgis and Goldens have plenty of character, temperament, and physical traits to consider as well as their own unique characteristics. Here are some of the pros and cons associated with these popular, yet mixed breed dogs.


Corgis and Goldens have been proven to be loving, loyal, and trustworthy household pets. Many a proud owner has held their dog as a pet for many years, then passed it on to another family. The Corgi is a very active and playful breed, while the Goldens are very calm and elegant. If you’re a nature lover and love to spend time outdoors, a Corgi or Golden will fit nicely in your lifestyle. They can be accessorized to an almost infinite number of lengths, colors, and styles.


One negative aspect of owning a Golden Retriever mix is often the high possibility of separation anxiety. This can be alleviated with constant socialization and training, as well as the addition of other breeds of puppies to the mix. The Corgis may become overly aggressive if not properly socialized and trained. A Goldens that is not properly trained will likely be overly laid back, while the Retriever mix may take to being brushed and handled a little more readily than a Corgi.


One of the best benefits of owning a Golden Retriever mix is the long, warm, and cozy coat they have. Many times a Corgi is bred for short hair, which makes combing their coat much more difficult when compared to a long-haired Golden retriever. The Goldens will easily get their coat brushed and docked to keep from tangling. The Corgis are also very intelligent and eager to please but tend to shed more than a happy dog. Many times a coat is so thick it is impossible to brush out all of the loose hair, which means the dog must be shampooed at least twice a week.


The only true major problem associated with the Corgi is intervertebral disc disease. This is a condition suffered by many Golden Retrievers and is caused by a tear in the disc between the brain and spinal cord. The brain tissue itself will die due to lack of oxygen, and the only way to fix the problem is through surgery. A common result of this surgery is severe bruising around the affected area. This problem can last for a while after surgery, but if it is caught early enough the pup should survive. However, the downside is that puppies can suffer from serious brain damage if this disease is not treated promptly.

Overall, the Corgi Golden Retriever mix is a great option for people who want a medium-sized dog that will keep them happy and comfortable for many years. They mix well with other animals and make an excellent family pet or companion. The Corgi Golden Retriever mix is usually bred to show in obedience trials, and because of their intelligence, they can quickly learn to be a good guide. For these reasons, the Corgi is one of the most popular breeds in the United States and the world and a favorite among dog lovers.