Chihuahua Skin Allergy

Chihuahua Skin Allergy

Chihuahua Skin Allergies

Do you have a skin allergy to Chihuahuas? A Chihuahua skin allergy can be hard to live with if you are allergic to anything else. Most people who are allergic to dogs find that they are also allergic to their owners. If you have an allergy to your Chihuahua and your child is playing with his or her skin, you may be in danger of serious skin reactions to this dog.

The best treatment for Chihuahua skin allergy is to make sure that you avoid any other dogs that may cause allergies to your family. The skin of the Chihuahua is very delicate and prone to problems. It can easily become irritated and itchy and swollen and infected. The first thing that you can do to treat a Chihuahua skin allergy is to wash the skin gently with soap and water after your pet has been playing with it. Be careful about the areas that have been recently scratched as they can become infected. The next step is to apply antihistamine cream to the area of skin irritation. Antihistamines are very effective in treating many of the allergies that can cause skin reactions.

If you want to treat your Chihuahua skin allergy by yourself, you can try to rub almond oil or olive oil onto the affected areas. They should remain in the oil overnight to help keep the area dry and keep the infection from spreading. A person who is allergic to dogs should make sure that their pets stay away from the rest of the family if they are going to have children.

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