Chihuahua Shelter

Chihuahua Shelter

Adopting A Chihuahua

There are several Chihuahua shelters in the United States where unwanted or rescued Chihuahuas are cared for. These shelters do not euthanize these dogs, nor do they place them on the block, but instead they offer them a new home. Many of these shelters even have the dogs spayed or neutered if the owner does not have a way to do this. Some shelters even have puppies available for adoption.

Adopting a Chihuahua is very important for several reasons. One is that the smallest dog breed makes a great family pet. They are loyal and will stick right with you. Since most of these Chihuahua shelter dogs were not raised in small homes and have not been exposed to abusive circumstances, they can be perfect companions for a child.

Most dogs at the Chihuahua shelter are up to date on shots and vaccinations. Some may also have had some training so they know their boundaries and will not destroy furniture. Many dogs will be house trained before being adopted. Others will not. But most of the time if you adopted Chihuahua dogs from a shelter or breeder, they will already be house trained. This makes them a good match for children.

A shelter will oftentimes offer an immediate adoption fee. This allows a child who is trying to get a new pet a chance to adopt a Chihuahua puppy. Some people worry that adopting a puppy from a shelter will mean the dog will end up abandoned by the family, but this rarely happens. Most of these rescued Chihuahuas come from bad situations where a family could not care less about the dog and felt it would be better to give the puppy up.

Another great reason to adopt a rescue Chihuahua is the personality of the little guy.

Rescue shelters will carefully vet the puppy and prepare him for his new home. From his initial visit to the shelter, he will be evaluated to determine if he meets the requirements for adoption. If he does he will be evaluated even more thoroughly. Then when he is finally adopted, he will be given medical and grooming care so that he matches in perfectly with his new family. Most of the time these little guys do not even need to be dressed up; they just need to go to the bathroom and sleep in a little basket.

These dogs are treated very well in the shelters. They receive regular grooming and medical care. Often the shelter employees will spend time with the puppy and help him overcome any behavioral problems he may have. Once the puppy is adopted and has met all of his adoption requirements he will then be checked over again by his veterinarian. Then only will he need to go to his first home? This is important because it allows the vet to catch any potential health issues the puppy might have before they become major issues.

These dogs are not often mistreated. Often they are treated as the most precious part of a family and get a decent diet.

They are usually kept in small, dry kennels with soft bedding. The Chihuahuas adopted by shelters rarely suffer from any serious illnesses and in many cases, they have even been spayed or neutered.

Many people who adopt Chihuahuas are often surprised at how well these dogs cope with humans. In most cases, these dogs can become just as adaptable as any other dog. They love being around people and can get along with most children. They are very gentle with children but tend to be wary of them until they learn more about them. Chihuahuas adopted by shelters also do very well with elderly people and can provide a loving home for the elderly.

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