Chihuahua Potty Training Problems

Chihuahua Potty Training Problems

Chihuahua Potty Training Problems

Top Five Chihuahua Potty Training Problems

Has your little Chihuahua, which was once having troubles potty training issues now having problems again. “It is exasperating really when you are at wit’s end about this, it can be extremely frustrating for the owner as well, especially when the issue reoccurs”, said Mr. Richard.

The three-year-old Chihuahua had been previously trained to use a designated bathroom area inside the house, however, this was being taken over by the “fourth” member of the family who preferred to take the toilet outside. This problem was now getting worse as the dog refused to relieve itself in the designated bathroom area.

This problem was being worsened by the fact that the owners were failing to understand some basic dog obedience training principles, such as, being patient, praising when the dog has done what it is supposed to do, and using a toilet trainer, which is a device used to help dogs with their bladder control. The “service dog” was not performing as well as he was supposed to.

When the problem got to the point of being uncontrollable, the “service dog” was then taken to the vet for an operation which corrected some of his bladder control problems.

Unfortunately, the operation did not address the real problem, which was why the dog was still refusing to go to the bathroom. To make matters worse, the owner was now stuck with two dogs, one of which was completely unwell and required round-the-clock care.

The owner was therefore left with the dilemma of how to train a dog to use the toilet in a bid to solve the current problem and also to protect the ill pet. Obviously, you must train your pet properly in such a manner that he understands how to use the toilet. A good start to this is to educate yourself as much as possible on how to train dogs and how to spot the various signs that dogs are about to need to go to the bathroom. It is essential to remember that dogs are much like young children in that they will not always use the same potty for the same reasons.

For this reason, it is imperative to train your pet to understand the difference between what is acceptable and what is not acceptable when it comes to using the toilet.

One of the simplest methods of teaching dogs is called the crate. A crate is used primarily to contain and confine a dog while away from home. By leaving the crate door open, the dog remains within the vicinity and is aware he is not free to roam.

As with all dog obedience training strategies, crate training does have a few setbacks. For one thing, if you own more than one Chihuahua and attempt to use crate training on each of them, it is usually impossible to keep them confined in the same manner when each dog is inside the crate. This is because different dogs have varying levels of strength and independence. In addition, dogs are very territorial by nature and they do not feel threatened by other dogs entering their space.

There are other methods available for Chihuahua dog training that includes obedience classes.

These classes usually last a few hours and you can typically train your dog to understand and obey at least two commands during the class. Most dogs respond well to this type of training; however, it is important that you do not over-train your dog or it can become harmful. If you are looking into purchasing a service dog or other type of dog with special needs, it is important to spend some time working with the dog and educating him or her on basic manners.

Potty training is best tackled with positive reinforcement. If you are trying to train your Chihuahua using negative conditioning such as excessive punishment or yelling, then this will only serve to make things worse. Instead, try rewarding your dog with praise or a favorite toy whenever they are doing their business in the right place. In addition to providing them with treats, you can also give them toys that simulate hunting so that they know they must go to the bathroom outside if they want to get something.

A great positive reinforcement training program for dogs is called Brain Training.

It is based on positive reinforcement, but it applies it to dogs instead of people. This program teaches your pet to learn the same behaviors and tricks that people use to impress their peers.

This type of training is perfect for Chihuahua pets since they tend to become shy and quiet when the owner reprimands them for doing something wrong. However, when your pet exhibits any of these traits, you should not hesitate to reward them for performing any behavior. This is the only way that they will be able to master this important part of their brain training program.