Chihuahua Patella Luxation

Chihuahua Patella Luxation

All About Chihuahua Patella Luxation

One of the many Chiropractic treatment options available today is Chihuahua Patella Luxation. This chiropractic treatment is used to help with a Chiropractic dog’s condition called “Patella Luxation”. A Chiropractor will treat this condition by putting the dog on a treatment collar and doing some manipulation to the leg. When your dog has this kind of leg problem then there could be several reasons for it such as Arthritis, tumors, cysts, or inherited disorders. Chiropractors can give your dog an effective treatment using this method.

Arthritis is one of the most common problems dogs have with their joints. It is also one of the most painful. It affects the feet and legs in most dogs. When a dog has this kind of condition then they will experience pain in the joint areas of their feet and sometimes even their legs. There are many different reasons that this can occur, but it is typically caused by something called inflammation.

When there is inflammation in a joint, it means an infection or injury is occurring in that particular area.

When a dog has a patella issue then they have an issue with the muscle and/or the tendons surrounding the joint. The job is to relieve the pain by manipulating those muscles. The condition of the patella is when it is in a bent position and is rubbing on the edge of the bone. The Chiropractor will use their hands to massage around the joint area with their fingertips to try to find the source of the pain and eventually will apply heat to the patella with their hand to get relief from the inflammation and stimulate the blood flow to the joint.

There is one form of treatment that your vet may suggest. This treatment is called cortisone shots. Your vet will give you the shot so that the inflammation doesn’t get any worse and to get rid of the bacteria. If your Chihuahua’s pain doesn’t subside after two weeks of taking this type of medication then your vet may want to do a bone scan to see if there is actually a problem at all with the bone. Many times, a bone scan is just done to rule out possible serious problems.

Another treatment is an anti-inflammatory drug that your vet may suggest to help control the pain.

However, if Chihuahua has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis before, then he may already have some level of control over the pain. The anti-inflammatory may help to control the swelling of the knee and may also reduce some of the pain. Anti-inflammatories are generally not prescribed for internal issues involving the joints of the spine.

More aggressive treatment is to have surgery to correct the patella. This surgery is called Tendon Stimulation (TS) and it works best on younger dogs. However, older dogs can also be treated by having this procedure. After surgery, your Chihuahua should begin physical therapy right away. He may also need time to recover from the operation. The best thing to do is to have your dog checked regularly so that your vet can watch him make sure that he is healing properly.

It is important to know all of the Chihuahua patella luxation information you can when it comes to this condition.

Treating this condition early can help you keep your pet pain-free while you are working on the underlying cause. Make sure that your Chihuahua gets plenty of exercises and eats proper nutrition. With proper care, your pet can lead a very normal life with mobility and pain-free activity.

Your veterinarian can give you valuable Chihuahua patella luxation information that will let you know which surgery would be best for your pet. They will also let you know about the benefits and risks of the different surgeries and treatments. As always be sure to check any information provided to you with your vet before proceeding. Your vet has many tools and techniques to help you figure out what’s best for your dog.

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