Chihuahua Pants

Chihuahua Pants

Getting the Right Small Dog Pants For Your Chihuahua

It’s Christmas time again and you’re not looking forward to it any more than the dog is so if you don’t want to wear those ugly old Christmas sweaters, why not put a bit of thought into getting some Chihuahua pants. There are plenty of ways to dress up your Chihuahua with clothes that will make him look just like a tiny version of Santa Clause.

While he’s not actually that small, you’ll find he will look extra adorable in a Christmas sweater. These are very stylish and cute little clothes and you can buy them at places such as Amazon or even eBay for a fair price.

Let’s start with a Christmas-themed wedding dress. Many brides these days are opting for a rhinestone collar for their Christmas apparel. Rhinestone collars add sparkle to the hair and make it look gorgeous. If you want to dress up your Chihuahua with something that will look just as good (and won’t cost you an arm and a leg), you can get him a pair of Chihuahua pants with a rhinestone collar attached. You can even have the collar engraved with your monogram.

When you think of rhinestones you usually think of jewelry so you can buy your dog sweater and rhinestone collar in the same color.

There are plenty of rhinestone dog sweaters to choose from online and in stores. The great thing about shopping online is you can browse by category or by designer. If you want to shop for a Christmas dog sweater then you should definitely check out the designer Tuxedo line by Andrew Marc. The look is very elegant and the cut is very nice.

If you want something a bit more unique and don’t mind spending a bit more money then you could always have a customized bowtie collar and matching dog jacket made for your Chihuahua. These are very cute and very useful. You could have a matching head sock made for him and then have the collar and bow tie collar are one solid color. This would be a very sneaky way to dress your Chihuahua but it’s cute all the same.

Some other ideas for dressing your Chihuahua up are Frenchies and Pug coats.

Frenchies are little mini-dog dresses that come in several colors. They are great because you can change them up every day or every season. You can get a cute little coat, a pug jacket, or even a pair of pink bikini shorts for your Frenchies.

Pugs are small dogs but the best part is their cute short cute skirts and matching pants. You can get the same fashion skirts in red, black, and white. Some of them even have cute personalized backpacks or Frenchies headwear so that your Chihuahua can carry their name and their owner’s name on their back. You can also find small dog clothes like small dog collars and matching leashes.

If you want something a little different than what we have mentioned above then you should consider getting a designer dog coat and a cute designer sweater.

These are perfect for a formal dog event like a wedding or a posh cocktail party. Your Chihuahua will love getting a personalized Tuxedo for his wedding day. He will have his own coat that matches his wedding dress and a tuxedo sweater that he can wear with his formal dress when he goes to the opera.

There are other options that you could consider besides designer Le Creuset or Marks & Spencer. If you want to be a little more creative and you don’t have a lot of money to spend then you should consider buying a genuine leather collar for your Chihuahua. A genuine leather collar is usually about three to four dollars. It is made from leather that comes from cows. You can ask your breeder where he buys his leather for his Chihuahuas. He will most likely be able to guide you to the best collar for your dog.

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