Chihuahua Helps Asthma

Chihuahua Helps Asthma

Is Chihuahua Helping Asthma?

It is quite easy to look at Chihuahua’s and think they are the perfect pet for those with asthma. Chihuahuas are small and easy to handle so one would not have to worry about the grooming issues of some larger dogs. Chihuahuas do not shed a lot, unlike larger breeds. The only major concern is maybe the hair.

Is it safe to keep a Chihuahua with asthma in a house or even a house with a cat? There has been a link between the size of a Chihuahua and the likelihood of them being affected by triggers. A study was done on 3 Chihuahuas and found that one had a significant increase in the frequency of attacks after residing in an apartment with a large number of people and another with a house with a high percentage of cats. Other studies have indicated that this association is likely because cats tend to be more volatile and Chihuahuas are small. Some other studies have indicated that cats may be responsible for causing an attack by some small dog breeds.

So, what is the best way to address the potential hazards of a Chihuahua living in a house with a cat?

The Colorado State Board of Health does have some information regarding the risks involved with owning a Chihuahua and one of them is that small cats from breeds such as the Tabby or American Pit Bull Terrier are a potential problem. This breed of cat is known to frequently bite and is often considered dangerous. The Colorado State Board of Health website suggests that Chihuahuas with saliva that contains mace should be confined to areas in which their saliva can be neutralized. For the most part, if a Chihuahua is old enough it is good to keep it out of an apartment with a cat since most Chihuahuas that are old enough are not considered toy material.

On the subject of Chihuahuas and asthma, there is some interesting information available.

One study was conducted by the Colorado State Board of Health, where a group of Chihuahuas was placed into a controlled environment. In this controlled environment, they were exposed to some different odors which were paired with a different set of temperature conditions. The results were astonishing as to what type of reaction the Chihuahuas had when it came to the different scents and temperatures.

The conclusion was that Chihuahuas that were placed in rooms with high temperature and/or odors had far more aggressive behavior than those that were placed in rooms that had the other characteristics. Interestingly, the most aggressive of the dogs was the Chihuahua that had orange coats. It seems that the orange coats were associated with aggression. While the study did not directly draw the correlation, it did lend some credence to the idea that Chihuahuas and asthma do indeed relate to each other. This is because the Chihuahua helps to calm an aggressive Chihuahua down and vice versa.

Chihuahua’s are also good watchdogs, as previously mentioned in the first comment.

A related finding was that the Chihuahua that was kept indoors during the summer had fewer behavioral problems than the ones that were left outside. Perhaps the fact that the Chihuahua that was left alone was able to be watchful and non-aggressive as well as being able to control his or her temperature helped contribute to these findings.

Finally, a few quick links from my own website brings me to my most recent post; Is Chihuahua Helping Asthma? I have decided to write a little further on this subject to conclude this article. In the end, I believe that Chihuahuas are like other great pets. They help make our world a better place.

We already know that Chihuahuas make very good watchdogs and are wonderful companions for children. If there is one thing we have learned in the Chihuahua information industry is that Chihuahuas are fun animals. The fact that they can be so obedient without any negative traits makes them even more interesting. What do you think about this information? Our Chihuahua’s helpful to those with asthma?

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