Chihuahua Available To Adopt – West Knoxville TN

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Chihuahua Available To Adopt

Chihuahua Available To Adopt – West Knoxville TN

Loki is a Chihuahua breed, he is approximately 9 years old. He was rescued 7 years ago. He was found wandering out in the worst of winter near my husband’s office. It took him 3 days to catch Loki to bring him out of the cold. Loki is in great health. Up to date on all shots, flea & heartworm protection. He eats 1/3 cup of dry dog food twice a day. He is pretty skittish and barks around new people. We think he was abused when we rescued him because he cowers every time you reach for him. He is house-trained but will mark if he’s stressed.

Loki Chihuahua Available To Adopt

He favors my husband. Loki would sit in his lap all day while working.

He used to work from home on a computer, so Loki had a nice cozy spot all day. Loki loves to find a warm spot under a blanket. If you ever call out for him and he doesn’t come, it’s because he’s found a warm spot under a blanket to sleep. My husband had major brain surgery 3 months ago and is no longer able to work or care for Loki, so little Loki needs to be rescued again. 

  • Loki gets along really well with other dogs and cats.
  • He does warm up to people with patience.
  • He does not like hats or balloons.
  • He also doesn’t like it if you get your face too close to his face.
  • He does give kisses to his hands and feet. Not so much on the face.

Loki is located in West Knoxville, TN (Hardin Valley).

Carol Stiles
Chihuahua Avalailable To Adopt TN


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