Ceramic Dachshund

Ceramic Dachshund

Ceramic Dachshund Cracker Dish

If you are looking for a unique gift idea for your dog lover, look no further than a ceramic Dachshund cracker dish. Made of white ceramic, this figurine has a long torso and a sweet face. It has a small handle and is approximately two inches wide at the front. This dog is sure to delight your friends and family. It will also make a great addition to your dog’s room.

If you love the look of the dachshund, this cracker dish is a great choice. This piece coordinates perfectly with any dish set and is a perfect length for serving gourmet crackers. The simple style and crisp color of this dish will add a unique touch to any room. The Ceramic Dachshund Cracker Dish is available in several sizes. This item is approximately three inches long, one inch wide, and two-thirds inches tall.

A Goebel figurine of a brown Dachshund in a bow pose is a popular collectible. This piece features the company’s trademark logo of a V with a small bee inside. The model is marked with a date between 1957 and 1963 and carries the copyright symbol (C). It is also stamped with the manufacturer’s name and location. The Goebel figurine is an excellent example of a vintage dog toy.

Another great Dachshund figurine is the Goebel miniature from the 1950s.

It features a begging pose and is in excellent condition. The logo of Goebel is inscribed in blue and the word ‘Goebel’ is inscribed in a V over the ‘bel’. This figure is approximately four and a half inches tall and two inches wide from foot to tail. It also bears the German state’s TMK-2 mark.

A Goebel Dachshund figurine is a popular vintage product. It is made of porcelain and is a large version of the popular breed. Its head is about two inches high, while the back is one-and-a-half inches long. This ceramic dog figurine features a glossy finish. Its logo includes a full bee inside a V. The number is usually engraved in the bottom.

Goebel Dachshund figurines are a wonderful way to decorate your home. These dog figurines are cute, tiny, and beautiful. A few of them are also useful for gifts. The dog is small, but the puppy can stand on its own and still be a wonderful addition to your home. It can also be used to decorate a room. A great way to show off a dog is to display it on a table.

A Goebel Dachshund dog figurine is a great way to show off your favorite breed. It features a long-haired, black, and brown dog in a standing pose. Its head is marked with the Goebel trademark logo and the year the mold was made. This framed figurine measures about 3 inches high and two inches wide at the front. It is a great way to show off your dog’s beauty.

If you are looking for a decorative dachshund menorah, you should choose a high-quality one.

These figurines are made of high-quality stoneware and can withstand high-fired temperatures. Its paws are about a half-inch wide. So it is not too large for a menorah. Its size is ideal for a table or a child’s room.

A beautiful ceramic figurine of a Dachshund is a great way to display your favorite dog in your home. They are adorable and easy to clean. You can also use them as decorations for your home. A nice way to show off your dog is with a porcelain dachshund figurine. You can find one in many different styles and colors. So, you can find one that’s perfect for your home.

Whether you want a figurine of your favorite dog or a unique ceramic toy, you’ll find them at Mimi Green. The company’s dog collars are made in the USA and feature a metal plate with your dog’s identification. Each collar is made in the state of Minnesota and is made with quality materials. You can even use it as a leash for your dog to wear when walking in the city.

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