Catahoula Temperament

Catahoula Temperament

The Catahoula Temperament – The Way of the Wild

The Catahoula Leopard Dog is originally a French dog breed, also called Chippewa, which means “Spotted Leopard”. In its native homeland, it was called simply “Chippewa”. The Catahoula Leopard Dog was first documented in 1670 in Louisiana. As its fame increased, it moved to the Mississippi River, and then to the Great Lakes region, before being reintroduced to the United States.

The Catahoula is thought to be one of the oldest purebred cats in North America. It was part of the gene pool of the founders of the American Pit Bull Terrier Club (APBT) in the USA. Because of this, it has variously been referred to as the “Native American Cat”, and “The American Wild Cat”. There are even people who feel that its spearing ability is superior to that of the Jaguarundi. On the other hand, some people believe that it is a sub-species distinct from the Jaguarundi and they call them the “Manding Cats”.

The Catahoula is thought to have a very strong temperament that is independent and sensitive. Some people compare their personality to that of a very young tiger. They love to hunt and spend their time sleeping and lounging around. They are said to be very affectionate pets that will go out of their way to make sure that they are well-loved. One characteristic, unique to the Catahoula is their love of water. Many people also attribute the strong sense of smell that is shared by all Catahoula to their strong sense of smell.

Their coloration is usually brown, gray, red, or reddish. They could be a solid color or a combination of colors. Their legs and tail could be striped or colored in a variety of patterns. They have broad shoulders and short heads with large pointed ears. And the cat’s eye is the largest of all its body features.

All felines love to play. Even cats that don’t hunt or eat anything would if given the opportunity. The more you know about your cat’s habits and personalities the better you can take care of them when they do need assistance. A well-exercised cat is a happy cat. A happy cat enjoys physical activity and interaction with you and other family members.

They are very intelligent and perceptive. They quickly pick up on things around them and learn who and what to trust.

This is the kind of cat that will often hide behind a bush or rock or climb up a tree. When they do show their behavior they are very affectionate and you could easily mistake them for a kitten. But they are not kittens, but older mature cats.

Catahoulas like to spend time alone and prefer the company of another cat or pet. If you don’t have any pets, they could also become depressed. Their only natural desire is to play, and they will do this until they are physically injured or mentally scarred. You have to be there for them, stay calm and consistent in your love and attention.

Some cats are quiet, retiring types, while others are extremely noisy, aggressive, or playful. Each cat has its own personality. Most of the time the loud ones are Siamese, Persian or Japanese cats. The quieter ones are Abyssinians, Maine Coon, and Cairn Terrier. Catahoula personalities will often help you with cat behavior problems, by showing you where your cat is weak and why they are being abandoned. Also, they could help you understand your cat’s dietary needs and health problems as well.

If you own a male cat, he will most likely display some undesirable traits as well. It will be more apparent, though if you have a female cat. Some of the things that will be obvious to you are the desire to mate with many partners, tendency to look into the eyes of other females when they are nearby. Sometimes the male cat will also try to possess the body of another cat or engage in fights with other male cats.

Now that we understand the Catahoula temperament better, let’s talk about how you can best care for a cat. To begin with, make sure that it has its basic needs met, such as food and water. You may also want to think about purchasing a cat bed so that your cat can have its own sleeping area. Cats need to be comfortable to feel at ease.

Also, you will need to play with your cat. A lot of times cats just lie around and get lonely. But, if you play with your cat, you will be able to keep it active. Think of playing as a form of exercise for the cat, not just something you do when you are bored out of your mind! Cats love to be petted and will often curl up on your lap if you pet it in this way. This is how you can take care of a cat and make sure that it has a loving and fulfilling life.

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