Cane Corso Italian Mastiff Mix

Cane Corso Italian Mastiff Mix

Cane Corso Italian Mastiff Mix

The Italia Mastiff breed is known for its loyalty and ability to be around other dogs and children in the home. These dogs can also be extremely loving and sensitive toward their owners. This does not mean however that they cannot get along with other dogs or children in the household. As I mentioned, this breed is very social and is happiest when with another dog. But, the I’s are still not dotted and you will need to introduce them to children and other dogs so they do not develop any habits that will harm the children and dogs in the home.

Many people look for good quality Italian Mastiff puppies from breeders that sell purebred dogs. I highly recommend buying a puppy that is registered with a rescue organization. In fact, if you have kids that love to play in the yard with dogs, you may want to find a breeder that sells purebreds. They will be less likely to mistreat your new puppy by selling them to the wrong buyers or by selling them to people who will not take care of the dogs properly. You want a breeder that will take good care of your new puppy. I suggest doing a background check on the breeder. You want to be sure that the breeder is well established in the business and that they do not have any histories of breeding problems or complaints against them.

Some of the breeders you will find in online classifieds will offer you puppies from puppy mills. You want to stay away from these breeders. If the breeder has his own facilities, you will know that the dog was not from a puppy mill and he will be happy to have you as a customer. You can ask the breeder if he has purchased his puppies from puppy mills and if he has not, he will be happy to tell you that. The dog from a reputable breeder will have an identification tag that has his registration information clearly displayed on it.

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