Bull Mastiff Vs English Mastiff

Bull Mastiff Vs English Mastiff

Bull Mastiff Vs English Mastiff

Bull mastiffs (also known as “Barbados mastiffs”) and English mastiffs are the most famous and popular mastiffs breeds in the world. Both have a ferocious physical appearance, aggressive temperament, and attractive coat color. When you see a bull mastiff or an English mastiff, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is its ferocious appearance, but what kind of personality is it?

Mastiff dogs tend to be extremely loyal and protective. Many times this trait can cause trouble for you if you are away from your pet. Often a mastiff dog can be destructive when left alone, so if you are in a home with a bull mastiff, it’s wise to have your bull mastiff housebroken. It’s also wise to have your bull mastiff housebroken in a manner that will not break the dog’s teeth. These types of mastiffs tend to chew on everything in sight, including furniture, walls, shoes, belts, and anything else that they can get their mouth around.

Because bull mastiff dogs are very protective of their owners, they may lash out at other dogs and other people. In other cases, if you have a bull mastiff and the dog is hurt or mistreated, this can lead to extremely violent behavior that may even lead to death. This can be extremely dangerous when trying to train a bull mastiff.

Some mastiff dogs like mastiffs have poor self-control and can be extremely destructive when left alone. If you have an English mastiff dog, chances are good that the dog will show signs of being depressed and lonely. Sometimes when you first get your mastiff, the dog may be very affectionate toward you, but as time goes by the dog may become withdrawn.

Mastiff dogs have a very high prey drive. They love to hunt for hours, and they are very territorial with their owner. If you don’t want your mastiff to be a herder, you should housebreak your mastiff as well.

Bull mastiff dogs are small, and they may actually be the smallest mastiff dogs. However, even though they may be small, they have very large jaws, making them extremely dangerous when they are angry. You should never allow a bull mastiff to have their mouth around your throat when they are very young because they are just not meant to be confined in such away.

Bull mastiff dogs also tend to be protective of their children and family members. If you have a bull mastiff and your child is around, you should be alert of any aggression. Mastiff dogs are very protective of family members.

All in all, mastiff dogs are incredibly beautiful and intelligent dogs. They also can have an unpredictable nature and will respond violently if they are mistreated.

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