Bull Mastiff And Pitbull Mix

Bull Mastiff And Pitbull Mix

Bull Mastiff And Pitbull Mix

The bullmastiff and pitbull mix can be a very fun dog to train, but the fact that it is a relatively large breed with very broad shoulders should give you pause before putting him through his paces. To avoid the usual pitfalls that some people seem to fall into when they try to train Pitbulls, the first thing you need to do is find someone who specializes in the breed. If you don’t want to go out of your way, there are several good resources for getting a reliable, experienced Pitbull trainer or you can start by searching online. Here are some tips for how to choose a good trainer who knows what he’s doing.

*Find out if the trainer uses an electronic collar on your Pitbull or a prick collar. I am a huge advocate of using both methods of training, but I understand that each type works for different people. However, when you choose someone who only uses one or the other, make sure that they can provide you with results. The only reason to use either method of training is to help you reinforce the correct behaviors and stop bad ones.

*Teach the dog to identify the bad behaviors and stop them. Some people even resort to using food as a reward, but I have found that this often backfires. Remember that all dogs respond to reward-based training, not punishment. That is why you want to reward your dog and you want to correct your dog.

*Get the dog to identify the good behaviors and reward them. It is important to get the dog to know when it is good and to reward the dog for doing the right things. It takes time and effort, but the payoff is a well-trained dog.

*Be consistent with your Pitbull training. If you are trying to teach your Pitbull bite inhibition, then stick to the same word command. Don’t make the dog switch between a variety of different commands. You don’t want your dog to learn new words to differentiate between them.

*Understand that a well trained Pitbull is easy to train. You don’t want to spend too much time on training, but you also don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to make your dog do something wrong. The dog needs to know what is expected and the word of the command is the only way to communicate that. Overdoing the training will just confuse your dog and cause the training to take longer than it needs to.

*In training your dog, stick to one training method. You don’t want to try several different methods of breaking bad behavior and reward it. You want the training to be something your dog learns quickly and will have little problems with later on. So, stick to one training method.

For the Bull Mastiff and Pitbull mix to be most successful in their lives, you will want to have a well trained Pitbull that will learn quickly and make their owner very happy. You need to be able to choose a trusted, experienced, and personable trainer to work with your dog.

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