Buddy The German Shepherd

Buddy The German Shepherd

German Shepherd Friends – Buddy

German Shepherd Buddy the German Shepherd is being touted as a hero once again for leading an Alaskan state Trooper on backwoods trails to a fallen fire in his master’s workshop. Owner Benjamin Heinrichs, a contractor, was repairing old pieces for his big truck when a stray spark ignited some oil and grease that poured down the backside of his fire truck. Luckily, no one was hurt in the accident, but Buddy was scratched and needed two weeks of recovery.

When Buddy’s owner brought him to the veterinarian, he was found to have “five bucks.” A quick check at the kennel revealed that Buddy had a punctured lung. It was not only hurting for Buddy, but it was bothering his owner too. Friends and family said that Buddy the German Shepherd, though small, could fight for his life. His owner kept him in a sling at first but ultimately had to put him in physical therapy.

So far, Buddy has not lost one tooth. An operation to remove a tumor failed, and the operation for a complete cure still lies ahead. The dog is expected to make a full recovery and now has the chance to be called a hero by the thousands of people who have learned of his bravery. A local radio station ran a story on Buddy, which included pictures of the Alaskan state trooper who found the dog in flames.

Buddy the German Shepherd may be one of the luckiest dogs alive.

He survived one of the worst accidents imaginable, but he is not alone. There are millions of others in far-off places who are in danger, and they are not as lucky as Buddy. They would be less inclined to take in a dog that is not well taken care of, and Buddy is just such a dog.

It is not easy to take in a dog that is in such bad shape. It takes special training for a dog to be able to handle its bladder. Without training, a dog cannot hold its urine for more than an hour. After an hour, the dog will need to go to the bathroom. When it urinates in areas where it is visible, it can become an issue, and the dog can get into trouble with the law.

After Buddy suffered his accident, the Alaskan state trooper assigned to take him to the hospital needed to bring Buddy’s mother in. The mother was extremely upset and refused to allow any of the paramedics to take the dog to the hospital. She believed that Buddy should die. This upset the soldiers, and one of them, who were from another state, decided to stop by Buddy’s home. The dog let them in, and when they saw the condition that Buddy was in, they rushed him to the closest veterinary hospital in the area.

There, Buddy underwent surgery, and his injuries were severe.

One eye was detached from his head, and there were no other visible injuries. The German Shepherd was treated for his burns, but it was not enough to save him. Because of the extent of his injuries, he would have to have an artificial eye inserted via plastic surgery. His owner had to pay for this.

Buddy went on to live out his life, happy and healthy, until he passed away. Because of the extensive medical care that Buddy received, his family opted to send him to Germany, where he would be able to enjoy his last days of life. They hoped that he would one day be able to return to America to see his family. Unfortunately, Friend died in 2004 at the age of fifteen.

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