Brindle German Shepherd Puppy

Brindle German Shepherd Puppy

Brindle German Shepherd Puppy

German Shepherd Puppies can be a wonderful addition to any family. Their loyalty, love of humans and love of their work are unrivaled by other breeds, however, their heritage and conformation have resulted in them being a little bit slower to come into heat.

However, they do reach sexual maturity at the same time as other dogs and can be bred from at about a year old. Also, you will find that in these years the health of your new German Shepherd will improve and they will become more fit as well.

The German Shepherd has a history of working to the end of mankind and you will discover that it makes for a very loyal and loving dog if you decide to get one of these lovely companions. They are also perfect for family pets but at the same time, they can be excellent guard dogs and work well as watchdogs in the home.

You will find that a Brindle German Shepherd puppy is called brindle because the outer surface of their coat is brown with patches of black or white. You will notice that this coat has a slight shine to it. So, when you buy your puppy the color is not as important as is the overall coat.

Of course, size is an important consideration as well when choosing a breed of dog. This is especially true of the Brindle German Shepherd and will depend on the energy level of the breed. A large dog will need a larger space and cannot be well adjusted in a small apartment.

If you live in an apartment, it may be a good idea to get a German Shepherd that does not require a lot of exercise. A smaller dog will need more room and so you will have to make sure that you get one that fits your needs. A Brindle German Shepherd puppy will be very friendly and great to have in the family.

You will find that a Brindle German Shepherd puppy will be very alert, intelligent and obedient to your commands. He is also great around children, so you may want to get one that does not bark a lot.

They can be a bit nervous around strangers and you will have to be prepared to take care of these characteristics, especially if you have children. But as long as you are careful and training the dog you should have no problem getting along with your new dog. As long as you are prepared to spend time together learning how to live with this new member of the family.

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