Boxer Rottweiler Mix

Boxer Rottweiler Mix

Boxer Rottweiler Mix

The boxer Rottweiler mix is the most common of all the pit bulls. This is a dog that can be a great addition to any household, however, some can be more difficult to housebreak than others.

One of the issues with a boxer Rottweiler mix is that their bloodlines tend to be much stronger than others. Because of this they require a lot more attention and care to be able to thrive in a home environment. It is important that the owner provides them with plenty of exercise and fun playtime in order to help them develop into a happy and healthy dog.

The boxer Rottweiler mix should not be housed next to other dogs or cats. Even though they have shorter noses than most other breeds, they will sniff out your pet that is of another breed.

Pit Bulls are also very protective of their property and like other breeds of dogs will become very territorial if not housebroken properly. You should not let your boxer Rottweiler mix gets too close to another dog or cat. You should not allow the boxer Rottweiler mix to get as close to you either. They do like being the leader and while you may be able to give them some affection they would not make a good leader.

Most housebroken boxer Rottweiler mixes have no problems around children but you may have to consider a pit bull on your list of potential pets. They like to bark and just being around children can be frustrating for them and can lead to them becoming very aggressive towards children or other animals. A person should try to avoid letting children or animals near the boxer Rottweiler mix at all costs.

The boxer Rottweiler mix should be handled with care because they can be very aggressive and destructive. They can be an aggressive dog that is highly territorial. In addition, some bullies can also be very nervous and aggressive when they are frightened or nervous.

Many people have reported problems with their boxer Rottweiler mix’s attitude towards strangers or being around other animals. They also may display anxiety or a lack of confidence when they are scared or nervous. It is very important that a person does their homework before bringing a boxer Rottweiler mix into their home.

Overall a boxer Rottweiler mix can be a great addition to a home but care should be taken to ensure that the owner is aware of how to properly housebreak the dog. Some people say that boxer rottweilers are the easiest to train but some owners disagree and think they are the hardest to train. It is recommended that you consult with your veterinarian before you bring a boxer Rottweiler mix into your home.

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