Boston Terrier Training Tips

Boston Terrier Training Tips

Boston Terrier Training Tips

You do not have to do a lot of work when it comes to training your Boston Terrier. They are very intelligent pets that respond well to positive reinforcements. Boston Terriers are members of the sporting group but can be trained to be more gentle and obedient. Boston Terrier training can actually be quite simple if you follow some general Boston Terrier training tips. It is a good idea to get started in a somewhat subtle manner at the beginning so that you do not scare or intimidate your pet.

Potty training is probably the easiest part of Boston Terrier training. However, it does take patience. You should not punish your Boston Terrier for posting, but you must let him know when he has done it so that he can come to the bathroom as soon as possible.

You should start when your Boston Terrier is a puppy because this is the best time to teach him his potty habits. When he has reached around eight weeks of age you should introduce him to the toilet. This can be done by using a leash but you may want to use a crate to help him learn quicker.

Never punish your Boston Terrier for not going potty in the designated area.

This will only make matters worse. Your goal should be to communicate with your Boston Terrier by praising him every time he goes in the right place. If he hears his bark, immediately stop whatever you are doing and praise him in a soothing voice.

There are times when your Boston Terrier will bark out of the blue. In such cases, you must understand that he is just protecting you and his young puppies. He wants to protect you because he understands that you cannot protect all of them at once. Your job is to keep the puppy safe and then you need to tell him what to do when he gets in trouble. You can give him a piece of paper or an object to chew on when this happens and this will help you to understand whether he is about to potty or if he is just barking out of boredom.

When you are in the middle of something and you are just about to get frustrated, distract yourself by talking to your Boston Terrier.

The best Boston Terrier training tips will take into account this strategy. This way you can keep your dog from getting distracted. When he starts to bark out of boredom, speak quietly to him.

Another of the best Boston Terrier training tips is for owners to know the signs that their dog needs potty training. They should always keep an eye on their dogs. A Boston Terrier will stop to pee or defecate anywhere it feels it might get some relief from being handled. So you should always be on the lookout for these signs.

The second of the great Boston Terrier training tips is to use a barking collar. Barking collars are a great tool in achieving effective potty training. However, you must use a barking collar properly. The collar shouldn’t be placed so that the dog finds it uncomfortable or painful. It should only be placed on the area where you think the dog is going to need the most attention and training.

A barking collar can be used in combination with other Boston Terrier potty training techniques. A positive reinforcement approach to barking can be adopted. Your dog will learn when it’s not appropriate to bark. This will make it easier to potty train your dog.

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