Boston Terrier Pug Mix

Boston Terrier Pug Mix

Boston Terrier Pug Mix

A Pug mix dog may be one of the best in the world and the Boston Terrier is a good choice, but not everybody thinks so. It is easy to see why these mixed breeds may seem like a poor choice for some people. They come in with so many problems that it makes perfect sense to have a little background information about them.

First of all, they are large dogs. This means that they need a lot of room to move around, and if you have a house that is cramped or small, they will not fit very well. They also get nervous when there is too much noise around them and they can get anxious in crowded places. They are good with small children and other animals but tend to be very aggressive towards cats.

The Pug mix is often hard to train. In general, they are not very smart, but they do have a small amount of intelligence. They are sometimes called the dog equivalent of the rat because of their destructive tendencies. But they do require some training from you before they will behave well with your family.

The Pug is also social, but it does need some guidance before it will be a well-behaved pet. It does not take well to strangers or in crowds. This is part of what makes them a pet to avoid unless you are a single person and you are only caring for one dog at a time.

The Pug mix also tends to eat more food than their littermates. They can become obese without you doing anything about it. They are known for chewing on everything in sight.

Some people believe that the Boston Terrier is a better breed of dogs for those who want a small dog to call their own. The Pug mix is large but still small enough to fit into most households. They are not a big deal on their own.

It is hard to say which dog is better, but the Pug mix is known for its large personality. It takes some work to train them. The Boston Terrier is a larger dog and will fit right in any home. He may take longer to train, but he will love the attention he gets from you and he will soon make a great addition to your family.

When deciding between these two dogs, you must decide which dog is best for you and your family. As with anything else, when making your decision, you should consider both your personality and your lifestyle, then you can make the best decision possible for you and your pet.

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