Boston Terrier Cataract

Boston Terrier Cataract

The Benefits of Eye Screening For Boston Terrier Cats

A Boston Terrier is a wonderful pet that has a long life expectancy. However, sometimes they can suffer from cataracts, which affect their vision. Cataracts affect the lens in the eye and are very common among older dogs. Cataracts can be corrected with surgery, but you will have to wait until the dog is an adult for this treatment to be done. Also, this surgery may not prevent further vision loss if the dog has cataracts at a younger age.

Before having the surgery, it is important to have the eyes checked by an optometrist. This can be done as an outpatient procedure in about 2 hours. During the surgery, the doctor will use a laser to correct the problem in about 10 minutes. After surgery, your dog should be able to see without any problems.

There are many different reasons why dogs develop cataracts.

They could have been born with them, or have had them for several years. The actual cause of the disease is not known, although there is some evidence linking it to genetics. When the lens inside the eye becomes cloudy, the patient may see small dots under the cataract that resembles a snowstorm. The dog may be partially blind at this time.

It is extremely rare for cats to develop this disease, but if your dog does have it, the Boston Terrier may need medical treatment to correct the problem. One of the most common surgical procedures is called LASIK eye surgery. This procedure removes tiny pieces of the cataract. Because there is little pain, your dog should recover quickly from this surgery.

Another surgery that can be done is called refractive surgery. This surgery corrects vision by reshaping the lens in the eye. Because your dog has to deal with the cataract daily, a surgeon will often recommend this surgery for use in less severe cases.

The last treatment option is called an ophthalmologist.

This procedure actually removes the abnormal lens from your dog’s eye. Once the lens is removed, the surgeon can perform any other necessary eye surgery. Sometimes, the dog might even need to have glasses again. Your veterinarian can tell you how many glasses to expect.

After surgery, your Boston Terrier should stay in an enclosed, dark environment, similar to what someone would do if suffering from glaucoma. Boston Terriers are prone to developing eye diseases and infections, so it is very important to take care of your pet. Eye problems like cataracts only get worse if they are left untreated. Talk to your veterinarian today about which treatment options are right for your dog.

If you notice any symptoms of a Boston Terrier cataract flare-up, talk to your vet immediately. Do not delay treatment. The longer you wait the worse the outcome will be. Don’t forget, every day your dog could go blind if you don’t act quickly to treat their eyes.

Your Boston Terrier will need to go home once treated and will not be able to eat for a few days.

There could be some swelling and redness after surgery but these will go away. Your dog may experience some pain after the surgery but this is common in many cases. It is recommended that you let your dog relax and feel at ease. Doing so will help your pet to deal with its new discomforts.

A Boston Terrier with a history of cataracts will require a higher degree of care overall. You will have to deal with more eye problems as well as possible infections. Once your Boston Terrier is fully recovered from their surgery, you will need to maintain their health. They should be vaccinated against three different cataracts causing diseases. These include Leptospirosis, distemper, and Rabies.

As your dog ages, they will have greater challenges with their eyes becoming weaker.

This is why you must keep a close eye on them and make sure that they are getting proper care. Your dog will also be more susceptible to infections as they age. There is also a greater chance that your dog will experience dry eye. Having regular eye checkups at a veterinary clinic will help prevent this problem.

Although surgery to correct a Boston Terrier’s cataract may seem scary, it is necessary to help your dog’s vision stay healthy. Many times a vet will treat the problem itself before trying to correct a bigger issue. Don’t allow your dog’s sight to become cloudy. There is no need to suffer from the loss of vision, get routine checks and treatment as soon as possible.

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