Born Again Pit Bull Rescue

Born Again Pit Bull Rescue

Born Again Pit Bull Rescue

You might have seen pictures or heard about them: Born Again Pit Bull Rescue. It’s an international rescue and rehabilitation organization dedicated to rescuing abused, neglected, and abandoned pit bulls. It also gives advice, information, and helps find foster homes for these dogs. It aims to help rescue dogs of all ages; all backgrounds including drug abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, war, and other disasters. They even work with other animal lovers, Pit Bull owners, and dog breeders.

Angie Adams is so passionate about saving dogs that she spends her days volunteering at a local animal rescue. She is dedicated to finding loving, responsible, permanent homes for neglected and abused pit bulls. Since she began volunteering at the animal shelter as a full-time volunteer in 2021, she has worked tirelessly to build a relationship-based organization and help improve the lives of abused Pitbulls. She has saved the lives of over twenty dogs including many pregnant mothers. She has helped them obtain their basic needs and build their confidence back.

This is a huge task for any individual, but with her passion for animals, Angie was able to save many dogs.

Now, she works with volunteers to save dogs in need all across the country. Each rescue team is composed of volunteers who work daily to ensure the dogs are getting the care and attention they need. Each team consists of members who have adopted, trained, adopted, or know of an owner looking to put up a Pit Bull into a loving home.

While each rescue organization varies in its costs, the average cost is about $75 per dog. There are costs associated with food, vet bills, foster homes, training, foster homes, cost of living expenses, cost of equipment, and more. The cost can be even higher for larger breeds, older dogs, or dogs that have special needs. Most of the costs are met by donations.

In the first few months of opening, Angie and her staff worked with local and national support groups to raise funds. They received donations from people around the country and started with just fifteen dogs. Today, they have been rescued in fifteen states including Georgia, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and North Carolina. They receive no tax money from the state and do not receive any insurance through the government. All of the funds go to providing loving homes for pit bulls in need.

Each dog that is adopted goes through a screening process by the rescue team to make sure that the individual will be healthy enough to be given a permanent home.

It is important to have a licensed veterinarian check the health of all of the Pitbulls before they are adopted. Anyone wishing to adopt must also fill out an adoption application. They must also provide the necessary medical information, including a current health address and contact number.

If you are looking for a shelter for Pitbulls and are not sure where to go, you should read next. You can visit the website located at BAMR rescue, which is named after Angie’s husband, Bob. You can read more about this amazing organization on their website.

Today, there are more excellent, qualified, caring organizations than ever before that rescue unwanted, neglected, and abused pit bulls. Many of these organizations do not receive any government funding for their work. Through their generosity, they rescue not only abandoned and abused dogs but also unwanted, neglected, abused cats and kittens as well. Each rescue is devoted to its animals and all volunteers are required to sign an adoption contract.

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