Border Terrier Temperament

Border Terrier Temperament

Border Terrier Temperament

The Border Terrier dog was initially bred in England in the late 1800s. (The name Border Terrier was derived from the Border area of Scotland where it originally was bred.) The breed originated for its working abilities as a hunting dog and as a companion dog. The breed has an innate sense of smell and was often used by hunters as a scent hound. The job of the Border Terrier in this capacity was to track the game and to find it before the game was pursued. Their keen nose made them excellent at this job and they were often used in the lines of hunt Dogs.

Many people think of the Border Terrier as being a friendly and cuddly dog. This is true, however, the personality of these dogs can make them quite difficult to handle if you do not know how to handle them. These dogs will get along very nicely with other animals and get along well with children. But, they can become extremely and understandably defensive of their owners and will often develop an over-protective nature if treated roughly.

You should keep in mind that there are a few personality traits that are common among all border terriers.

The biggest of these is the need to please their owner. These are energetic dogs that need to be in motion all the time. If left to their own devices, these dogs will tire very quickly. These can be very sensitive pets and tend to want to guard their home all the time. They also have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and will often demand lots of attention.

Another Border Terrier temperament trait is very loving and affectionate. These are great pets for families with children because of their gentle, loving nature. These dogs get along well with all children but do need some company. These are not active dogs and do not do well in a home where there are a lot of children, small dogs, or other pets. These are great pets for older children because of their gentle, loving nature. However, these dogs can become possessive if they feel they are being threatened or pushed too much.

These are great pets to have as part of a large family because they are so friendly and interactive.

But, these can be a bit costly because of their low cost and mass production. You must purchase only enough to give you some time with these amazing dogs. You can have a friend for life with a Golden Retriever. This means you can have a companion for life that will be with you forever, even if your children grow up and leave you.

Some of the most important things to know about border terriers include their shedding and grooming needs. Most of these breeds will shed to a certain extent, especially the coats of younger border terriers. The cost of grooming these types of coats depends on the breed, the hair, and the overall thickness of the coat. This also depends on whether you have any health problems associated with your particular breed.

When it comes to Border Terrier temperament, the short coat is by far the most popular and most common.

But, there are other types of border terriers, including the medium coat and the long coat. All of these are very attractive and the differences in each one just add to the unique personality of the dog. Each breed has its own set of traits that are specific to its breed alone.

One of the best things about these dogs is that they are fun to train. They are intelligent, curious, and well-balanced. They need a good, daily walk to relieve themselves, but if the right kind of dog bed is used, then the dog can eliminate for good! The cost of caring for this type of dog is very low due to their low energy level and their high tolerance for all kinds of human interaction.

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