Blue Pit Bull Rescue

Blue Pit Bull Rescue

How the Blue Pit Bull Rescue Found The Lost Man

Does it sting when you hear that your favorite TV star has adopted a dog from a local animal shelter? Well, I can sympathize with you. I remember watching the TV show, “Dog Wearing Your Wedding Dress”, and my heart just went out to that lovely family with a beautiful and funny dog named Pup. My heart followed suit when I watched the heartbreaking episode of “Fired! “, and saw the adorable pup in that worn-down wedding outfit.

When I found out that this TV show was doing an Animal Show, I thought that this must be a Pets Show and so I anxiously applied to be an “adoption candidate”. To my surprise, they were more than willing to take in my two-legged friend. So, there I was, an adorable and cuddly new pet; happy as could be, except that my heart was not in it. My wife, being the loving wife she is, demanded that I at least leave the door open for Pup because she wanted to take her for a walk.

The moment I stepped into the shelter, I could not help but stare at Pup who was sitting on my lap and looking up at me in wonder.

This cute little pup seemed to know that I was the new owner and did not bother me in any way. I had given up hope about finding a good home for the dog because I had read so many stories and had even stopped trying to look for one myself.

Finally, the co-worker with whom I had been working came up with an idea to have Pup be trained by a trainer via flyers we had sent out. I had been eager to spend money on a dog training method that worked because I knew it was something worth trying.

Upon arrival, I made sure to grab a flyer and placed it under the doorknob of our spare bedroom. Within a few days, I picked up the phone and called the shelter and was informed that my Pup had been accepted on the following day as a foster child.

The very next day, I visited the Blue Pit Bull Rescue and was greeted by two foster parents who welcomed me warmly and asked what I thought of their dog. I had been reading up on the breed and realized that the temperament of a Blue Pit Bull is a gentle, calm, and well-mannered animal; this would be ideal for a family with children.

My foster parents told me that they had two dogs; the older one was thirty-one and the other was fifteen.

The older dog was going to get an immediate home while the fifteen-year-old was being taught how to be independent. I understood that Blue Pit Bulls are known for being obedient, confident, friendly, and very loyal to their owners; qualities I would love to possess in a pet.

I also noticed that the veterinarian living at the animal rescue wanted to know my experience with the Blue Pit Bull so they provided me with the contact information of an animal behaviorist. The Blue Pit Bull Rescue has a highly trained staff who have taken the time to work with the animals to ensure that they are healthy and adaptable.

Upon further inspection, I noticed that the Blue Pit Bull Rescue group said that they would take my dog in immediately once they accept me as a foster parent. On the same day, I went to the vet and took my dog for routine physicals and vaccinations.

The vet reported that my dog is fine and everything looked good except for one thing; she mentioned that she could smell some mange around the house. Upon further inspection, I found mange all over the house, which to me, is an indication of a bad metabolism and probably bacterial mange which to any pet lover, is not pleasant.

I went back to the Blue Pit Bull Rescue group office and explained to the receptionist that the mange was probably from the Blue Pit Bull puppy that had been up for a couple of days.

She let me know that the puppy was still there and that he wasn’t adopted yet. On the same day, I received a call from the Blue Pit Bull Rescue saying that they have finally united with the mange-free Blue. Now, this is a big blue miracle, because it took them months to find the perfect pup. I think they were looking for someone who is dedicated, loving, and loves pets, not just a cute face.

It has been amazing how even a new dog can bring a smile to someone’s face. Theroux reached out and offered their gratitude to the person who helped them find their new family member. I am so proud that Theroux did their due diligence and made the choice to adopt the dog in such a manner. They have saved this little mangy pup’s life and now he will have a new home to go to.

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