Blue Great Dane Puppies California

Blue Great Dane Puppies California

Blue Great Dane Puppies California

Blue Great Dane puppies make a perfect family pet. This blue miniature breed was originally bred in Northern California by the descendent of the Oregon Cresent Blue. The blue color of this canine is thought to have been the result of interbreeding with an indigenous variety of the common bulldog, which had the same type of coloring. Blue Great Danes make very intelligent pets that can be trained to perform some tricks.

A Blue Great Dane puppy will need training from an early age. The breed is highly intelligent and eager to please. This eagerness can often translate into over-excitement and the puppy will often behave inappropriately. This behavior must be prevented because it can result in some very undesirable results. A happy result however can be seen when the puppy listens to you and does not try to upstage you or do other inconvenient things. If a blue is kept under control, he will amuse his master with his mischievous nature and make a lifelong friend.

Since the personality of the blue dog is somewhat erratic and their temperament must be dealt with accordingly, they need more structure and a predictable environment when you train them.

They are great pets for children because they are gentle with them and make great companions for the elderly. This breed tends to be less aggressive than the other types of dogs and therefore the personality problems encountered during training are minimized. They are also very good with children that are in their teenage years.

A responsible breeder will carefully train any blue puppy to be obedient, respectful, and responsible. Since this breed is highly playful when they are young, training them should begin while they are still young to avoid having a difficult time when they grow older. You can start training your puppy when they are eight weeks of age.

You will need to determine how much time you are going to devote to your Blue Great Dane puppies in California by determining how much playtime they get.

A playmate for your puppy is something that can provide hours of entertainment and your dog will love you even more for having them around. Make sure you provide your puppy with their own playtime area within the home and make sure the toys are only used for playtime.

The crate trains your puppy as soon as you bring them home and continue to do so for a period of at least three days. If you are consistent you will establish that you are the leader of the pack and your puppy will respond to you. You should only take your pup out to do their normal activities, such as going outside or to the designated areas in the house, at times that you and your family are all in agreement about the schedule.

You want your blue to have a happy and loving personality.

You can easily train them to become the person you would like them to be but it will take some work on your part. If you have a difficult personality or if you are simply not patient with the dog, then this blue might not be the right breed for you. Always remember that you are the one choosing them and your personality and attitude should be reflected in them.

Always keep in mind that it is up to you to make sure that your blue grows up to be an asset to you and your family. Always reward your puppy for their good behavior and when they are doing something that you approve of praise them profusely. You must make training fun for both of you. It is also important that you have fun with training your puppy because this will help their attitude and make them less of a handful when they get older.

Blue dogs can become very dominant and they should be treated as they would any other dog.

They can quickly develop a strong sense of who is the leader of the pack so you must establish your role as pack leader from the beginning. Try to make training enjoyable for the both of you and if you decide to show your dog, make sure that you use short training sessions.

A two to three-minute session works well and the whole family will benefit from the time spent together. The blue is a wonderful and very intelligent breed and with the proper care, they will be a very helpful and reliable addition to your family.

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