Best Great Dane Breeders

Best Great Dane Breeders

How To Select A Great Dane Breeder

There are many great resources available to help you locate the best quality, intelligent, and loyal Great Dane puppies. If you live in Florida or the adjoining states, you could now make an educated choice on a reputable breeder of a Great Dane dog. Do not list any place that sounds like a dog boarding kennel. Only reputable breeders with a variety of Great Dane dogs listed in their ads have been properly approved by the AKC and the state of Florida.

The AKC has set criteria on Great Dane breed standards. Breeds must have short coats, not be prone to illness and be amicable with humans. Breed clubs can assist new owners in locating a dog compatible with his lifestyle and abilities. They have a list of breeders and their contact information on their website. Call the local clubs if you have questions about the suitability of a potential breeder.

A list of the AKC registered dog show champions is accessible from their website.

To find the best great breeders, contact the corresponding club. There are also lists of top 25 winning dogs for each category at the American Kennel Club’s site. These lists are helpful for those searching for Great Danes or other dogs of interest.

Whether you are looking for a purebred Great Dane or a non-breed dog, the best breeder is the one who is willing to provide a complete health guarantee with documentation proving he or she complies with the breed standard for Great Danes. You will find breeders who are honest and responsible.

Those who are not willing to provide the necessary documentation may not be the best choices for you or your dog. Ask the breeder about their health guarantee and the additional veterinary services they offer.

Many good home breeders prefer to keep a dog from the purebred pool to avoid paying high fees to AKC certified dog shows and vet bills for purebred sighthounds.

However, if you have your heart set on sighthounds, consider getting a Dalmatian through a private sale. At a private sale, your dog may still have been exposed to some of the genetics provided by the Great Dane breed and may still possess some of the desirable traits.

Home breeders have the advantage that they know their animals inside and out. They can readily provide information regarding the pedigrees of both parents of each pair of dogs. If possible, the breeder will show you photos of all three parents to help determine which dog is the offspring to avoid paying high costs for a purebred baby sighthound. The Internet is an excellent source for locating new owners, but owners may still prefer to meet the breeder personally to get a better sense of the personality and nature of the new pet.

When considering a dog from a breeder, ask about vaccines, annual health tests, deworming, worming, and more.

These should all be taken care of by the pet store or rescue group the breeder belongs to. You may also want to inquire about spaying/neutering (for male dogs only), health guarantee, temperament testing, microchip, and registration papers. It is important to find out about the breeder’s ethics in dealing with genetic disorders in the breeding program. Some purebred dogs are prohibited from certain breeds because of genetic abnormalities.

Some great danes are purebred, but not registered. These are known as “puppy mills” and they cause a lot of problems for dog lovers. Puppy mills are not only unhealthy and unsanitary; they also breed dogs without proper care and training. A reputable breeder will insist on a health certificate and free personality tests for potential breeding pairs. He or she will also offer advice if you are considering other breeds.

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