Bernese Mountain Dog Coat Patterns 

Bernese Mountain Dog Coat Colors and Patterns

Bernese Mountain Dog Coat Colors and Patterns

Bernese Mountain Dog Coat Colors and Patterns

Bernese Mountain Dogs are magnificent working dogs renowned for their distinctive tricolored coat of black, white, and rust. Originating in Switzerland and prized for their strength, intelligence, and loyalty; Bernese Mountain Dogs have thick coats to provide insulation against colder climates making them suitable for outdoor activities and ideal companions during cold months. Their coat colors and patterns attract many dog enthusiasts; this article will detail the characteristics of these magnificent canines.

Bernese Mountain Dog Coat Color Options Available.

Bernese Mountain Dogs possess a distinctive coat color that sets them apart from other dog breeds. Starting as black accented by rust and white markings; typically found around cheeks, eyes, and legs while white markings typically reside on the chest, toes, and tail tip areas.

Black and White Coat

Bernese Mountain Dog coat colors most frequently seen are black and white; its glossy jet black coat with pure white markings stands out among its peers as being widely recognized. It has become the standard in this breed.

Tri-Coat Coat

Bernese Mountain Dogs with tri-color coats feature black, white, and rust markings; typically found above their eyes or cheeks or legs – which has also become standard among breeders. This combination coat color is also considered standard.

Sable Coat

Bernese Mountain Dogs with Sable coats tend to have lighter coats than its standard black-and-white variety; its base color is brown with black markings for accentuation. Although uncommon compared to more common varieties, Sable coats remain popular options among breeders.

Brindle Coat

Bernese Mountain Dogs with brindle coats feature black-and-brown stripes across their coat. Although not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), some international kennel clubs do recognize this coat color variation.

Bernese Mountain Dog Coat Patterns

Bernese Mountain Dog Coat Patterns 

Bernese Mountain Dogs come with different coat colors and patterns.

Classic Pattern

Bernese Mountain Dogs typically sport the classic pattern. This feature includes a black coat with white markings and rust accents.

Irish Spotting Pattern

The Irish spotting pattern features a white base coat topped off by black and rust markings; this less-common form of dotting is less popular among many customers than classic patterns.

Piebald Pattern

A piebald pattern features a white base coat with patches of black or rust. While less popular than classic patterns, this variant requires two separate coats of paint on top for optimal effect.

Phantom Pattern

Phantom patterns are highly sought-after aesthetic features of automotive metalwork that feature a black base coat with subtle rust markings only visible under certain lighting conditions.

Coat Care

Care of Bernese Mountain Dog’s coats is essential to their well-being, given their thick double coat. Regular grooming sessions should take place to keep it free from mats, with brushing being conducted once weekly with both a slicker brush and metal comb to promote better overall coat health and shine.


In addition to regular brushing sessions, it’s also necessary to bathe your Bernese Mountain Dog when necessary. As too much bathing may strip their coat of natural oils and cause dryness, limit bath time to every few months at most or as necessary – and always use dog-specific shampoo and conditioner to minimize irritation while keeping a healthy coat!

Flea and Tick Prevention

A key element of coat care involves keeping your Bernese Mountain Dog free of parasitic infestation, like fleas or ticks. Conduct regular check-ups of his coat for signs of infestation, using any recommended prevention products by your veterinarian as appropriate.

Last but not least, regular nail trimming will prevent long nails from growing too long and creating discomfort or difficulty walking for your Bernese Mountain Dog. In addition, teeth cleaning and dental care help ensure overall health as well as prevent issues in his/her jaws and mouth.

By taking good care in grooming their coat, you can help ensure they remain healthy, contented, and content for years.


Bernese Mountain Dogs are beloved breeds with distinctive tricolored coats that have earned the admiration of dog enthusiasts around the globe. Due to the striking patterns found on Bernese Mountain Dog coats, these striking pups make popular choices among pet parents looking for dogs with eye-catching appearances. Proper coat care must be undertaken if one wants the coat to remain healthy and glossy for optimal health and happiness in its owner.


  1. What is the most frequently seen Bernese Mountain Dog coat color and pattern?
    Black and white are among the most frequently found coat colors for this breed of dog.
  2. What is the rarest Bernese Mountain Dog coat pattern?
    The phantom pattern stands as the rarest pattern seen among Bernese Mountain Dog coats.
  3. What is the best way to care for my Bernese Mountain Dog’s coat?
    Regular brushing and bathing will keep their coat healthy and shiny, as will regular grooming by an AKC-registered breeder.
  4. Is there any special recognition given by AKC when it comes to Bernese Mountain Dog coat colors and patterns?
    No, these coat colors and patterns are not recognized by the AKC.
  5. Can Bernese Mountain Dogs adapt to warmer climates?
    While Bernese Mountain Dogs can adjust to hotter environments, their thick coat makes them better suited to cooler regions.