Basset Hound Temperament

Basset Hound Temperament

The Pros And Cons Of The Basset Hound Temperament

If you are thinking about bringing a new member into your family, consider a basset hound. This breed is extremely easy to groom, very intelligent and loyal, and great at being a pet. Their loyalty and love of their family make them a perfect match for many households. However, as versatile as they are there are also some health problems that you should be aware of. Find out the main Basset Hound health problems so that you can avoid them and make your dog happy and healthy.

There is one type of canine that is more likely to be allergic than any other: the basset hound. Basset hound breeds have medium to long hair and they are very affectionate and loving. They have an even more laid-back temperament and have low energy levels which make them an excellent family pet. They’re very friendly and gentle around children and are usually very manageable with adult children as well.

These dogs love to exercise and plenty of it so they require a daily walk.

If you don’t already have a regular schedule this would be the best time to introduce your canine to walking. They can easily become overweight if they have a poor diet so you need to watch their eating habits. If your Basset Hound does not already have a favorite outdoor activity they like to try taking them for a long hike or a brisk walk in the morning. Be sure to carry some water to keep them hydrated. Basset Hounds need to be fed frequently so be sure to plan regular feeding sessions with your veterinarian.

While most dogs in this group include medium-sized white dogs, there are a few variations to the breed standard. There is the Blue Basset Hound which is half white and half basset. The American Longhaired Basset has an unusual coloration of black and white with tan markings on the legs. Other unique dog breeds in this category include the Abyssinian and the Birman breed of dogs.

While all the above-mentioned dog breeds have certain characteristics shared by all basset hound breeds, they are still a very special breed.

You should spend some time with your prospective basset to make sure you find the right match. You must look for a dog with outstanding health because they are quite demanding physically. Any dog breed will strain against the body if they are under stress. You’ll often find that young basset hound pups don’t always have good posture or a balanced weight.

This breed of dog has short legs and is known as “shorties”. Some people confuse short legs with “puppy legs” but the two are completely different. Puppy legs can be anywhere from seven to ten inches long. They have wrinkled skin and are sometimes used to describe pups with abnormally long legs. In general, short legs are associated with allergies, skin disorders, and illnesses such as Hip Dysplasia, Von Willebrand’s Disease, and Epilepsy.

Basset hound dogs also have wrinkled skin, which can cause redness and itching.

You will often see that they need a lot of human contacts to prevent skin problems. Their coats shed constantly. It is important to keep a good-looking coat because it will protect them from cold climates. The Basset Hound is prone to breathing difficulties and may develop respiratory diseases such as Congestive Lung Disease or Chronic bronchitis.

The Basset Hound has a reputation of being a loving and devoted family dog that makes an excellent pet. But you must consider that as a potential or current Basset Hound owner, you must meet the breed’s health requirements. If you have any concerns about your potential dog, do your research. Ask your veterinarian about health care needs. Be sure that you provide your dog with regular veterinarian checkups. And most importantly, have fun with your new friend.

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