Australian Bull Mastiff

Australian Bull Mastiff

All About the Australian Bull Mastiff

The Australian Bull Mastiff is an imposing medium-size dog with a very sturdy build and a very commanding appearance. This athletic and muscular dog is an evenly balanced yet energetic dog that is extremely affectionate and devoted to his master. He is highly intelligent and possesses great memory recall and hearing abilities, as well as being physically powerful and well-developed. As the Mastiff was originally bred in Australia, he has good skin and coat and possesses an abundance of energy and easy-going temperament. He is a happy, playful, and energetic dog that is very sociable and loyal to his family.

The Australian Bull Mastiff requires regular exercise and moderately heavy exercise each day. The breed requires a lot of grooming and will therefore get dirty at all times. The cleanliness of this mastiff is its number one concern, thus it should never be bathed too often or washed vigorously. They also have wrinkled underbellies which makes them look like they need a bath even more often, but they don’t really need one.

This Australian Mastiff has a sweet temperament and is very trainable.

However, they are not a very intelligent dog and do not do well when left to their own devices. However, they are great companions for the elderly and children. Due to their patient, gentle nature, they make ideal instructors and show dogs for the blind, deaf, and dumb as well as for the handicapped.

This mastiff has a muscular body and a long, strong, layered coat. This dog is naturally obedient and loves to please his master. However, because of their powerful bite, they are not ideal for home protection. This breed is not fond of water, so you should not let your puppy takes a bath or play outside after they have just been in the water.

Because they are naturally athletic and have a large amount of stamina, Australian Bulldogs make great family pets.

Their calm, protective and devoted behavior makes them great companions. You can easily maintain your Aussie’s obedience by applying consistency and firmness in training. As an owner, you are responsible for exercising control over your dog. Aussies respond well to praise and firmness in training. To establish yourself as the leader in your pack, make sure that you always exercise dominance over your dog.

Because they have a huge amount of energy, this Mastiff can become destructive at times. When playing with other dogs, make sure you always have control and do not allow your Aussie to dominate. They also tend to bark at everything that moves, including you! Your Aussie may also display signs of aggression such as growling, biting, and barking. If you notice any of these behaviors, you should consult a veterinarian right away.

Because of their size, Australian bullmastiffs are not recommended for small, immature puppies.

They are very protective of their owner and will attack smaller dogs. They are also prone to serious health problems including breathing difficulties, eye problems, and hip and elbow dysplasia. The only breed that displays less aggression is the Alaskan Malamute. However, they still need to be supervised when around children, as they tend to bite and nip children.

Training an Aussie is like raising another dog, as they need to be treated as a member of the family. They are not made to be just pets, but they should be treated with respect and fairness at all times. If you don’t feel comfortable training your dog yourself, there are many quality training programs available. Some of them include Dog Training Secrets, The Dog Whisperer: Getting Ready to Train Your New puppy, and The Complete Dog Training Book. With these resources, you will learn everything you need to know about training your dog from the professionals who know what they’re talking about.

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