Atlanta Labrador Rescue

Atlanta Labrador Rescue – The Happy Day of Your Life Forever

Atlanta Labrador Retriever rescue abandoned, abused, and neglected Labradors. Some are there because their owners were arrested for criminal offenses. Others are there because their families have been told that they will never be adopted because of health problems. These unfortunate pets spend their lives in shelters and care centers and are not able to find loving families who will give them a second chance.

In keeping with the statistics of the high euthanization rate of canines in the United States, there are more abandoned Labradors on the streets than dogs put up for adoption. It is estimated that in a city of any size, anywhere from half to two-thirds of all abandoned canines dogs. This problem is so serious in some cities that an organization has been formed, called the Atlanta Labrador Rescue, Inc. This group is devoted to finding abandoned dogs and to finding loving homes for them. If you are a Labrador Retriever rescuer and want to help those in need, you might consider becoming involved in this organization.

Over the past fifteen to twenty years, the number of abandoned or mistreated canines has risen dramatically in the US.

In Atlanta alone, there has been a thirty percent increase in the number of abandoned canines over the last three years. The number of abused Labradors has also increased, with twenty percent of these dogs being abandoned. There are more of these pets coming into shelters every year as the country’s Labrador Retriever breed has been recognized.

As more people give Labrador Retrievers for adoption, and as people become aware of how special this breed is, more people are becoming interested in adopting them. Because of this rising number of adoptions, it is important that pet lovers who have a Lab like a Golden Retriever, consider adopting a lab from the Atlanta Labrador Rescue Organization.

The mission of the Atlanta Labrador Rescue is “to provide loving homes for abandoned, neglected and mistreated Labrador Retrievers so that they can enjoy a happy life with their families.” There are two main areas in which the shelter operates. In one area, they look at cases that are in immediate danger of being destroyed, and in another area, they consider cases that may not be that urgent but would still be of great benefit to people who are in search of a loving, permanent home for a Labrador.

Both of these areas have specialists in each area and some other employees.

They have the necessary resources and know-how to deal with any number of circumstances. If you are looking for a forever home for a Labrador Retriever, and if you know that the family would be unable to keep it, the team at the Atlanta Labrador Rescue has the capacity to help you find a permanent loving home for a lab.

If you have a lab and you are looking for a foster parent, or if you know someone who needs a foster parent and you know that they have a lab, then you can apply for your free services. If you know that you will not be able to spend the holidays with your lab and you know that your lab would absolutely hate living in an environment where people constantly harass it and bag it, then you can use the service for the next twelve months. As previously mentioned, there are no obligations involved. As long as you are an adult, you can use the services of the Atlanta Labradors’ rescue to help you find a permanent loving home for your new best friend. You will always have a happy day to remind yourself of when you took him or her into your care.

As long as you are over eighteen years old, you can apply for your free services, and once you have completed all the paperwork and you are approved, then you will immediately be placed in foster care with a caring family.

Your new family will provide all of the love and support that you have ever known, and you will have the opportunity to meet other dogs from the same adoption agency. If you have any other dogs from the past, now is the time to introduce them to each other. The other dogs will also receive all the love and support that they need, and this will strengthen the bonds that you have forged with your dog.

Each year Atlanta Labrador Retriever rescue groups hold an adoption fair in the beautiful Sprawl Complex in Atlanta. This is a great place for you to go to meet other Labradors who may have been adopted and to find that special family with whom you can share your precious puppies or adult dogs. During the Atlanta Labrador Retriever adoption fair, you can look through many dogs to choose from, including those that have just been adopted and those that are waiting for their forever home.

When you arrive, there will be an opportunity for you to interview the staff and volunteers to learn more about the different pets, including any special needs that they may have. You can also meet the families who have recently adopted these loving and tender animals and to ask any questions that you might have regarding life in the Atlanta Labrador Retriever rescue group.

With the help of the staff and volunteers at the Atlanta Labrador Retriever rescue, you can have that special pet that you have always wanted, and the future is filled with endless happiness.

If you have recently adopted a lab from the Atlanta Labrador Rescue, you will soon see how special of a pet it is, and how quick he or she is to respond to the commands of the handler. The family loves to take good care of their dogs, and most adoptions go smoothly without any problems. This is an animal that has so much to offer and to work with you, the future is filled with happiness, and no matter what decision you make concerning your Labrador Retriever adoption, you will have the happy day of your life forever.