American Basset Hound

American Basset Hound

American Basset Hound

A Basset Hound is a well-known dog breed which has originated in Britain. It is described as having a black, or tan coat, and has an athletic build, but with soft, cuddly features. The breed’s name came from the French word “bass” and the breed’s ancestry is on the English and Scottish borders. However, they are now also found in other parts of Europe and Asia, making it one of the most widespread breeds in the world.

The American Basset Hound was first bred for hunting small game. Their small size combined with a keen sense of smell makes them popular as a hunting dog. Many people think that they are best suited to a household environment and have been bred to be as obedient as possible, so people who do not own dogs may want to consider getting one for their home. While many would think that they are noisy, they are actually quite low maintenance pets.

They require a large yard, clean water, and do not need much attention.

The American Basset Hound is not suitable for a household with children, because it is easily distracted and could end up hurting a child or a member of the family. It does, however, make an ideal pet for people who live alone. This makes them excellent companions for someone who does not have children. As the name suggests, this breed is protective of its master and other members of the family. They have been known to bark constantly, bite, and even steal, but if someone does something they consider to be a serious threat, they will get in trouble for their actions. They do not mind sharing their toys and love to cuddle with their owners, especially if their owner is wearing a sweater. The Basset Hound is very loyal and caring and can be trained to do almost anything.

Qualities to Look For in a European Basset Hound Puppy

The American basset hound would not be able to catch very much. At times, your dog may be feeling nervous or over-excited and maybe getting close to you. At such times, it is very serious, just as it can become fatal for the dog within an hour. Adults dogs that are gentle chewers and can live well without the extra comfort, generally do well without the extra padding. However, young dogs that have not yet developed these habits can be extremely dangerous.

The most American basset hound is used as watchdogs. Their size makes them perfect for guarding premises. They have sufficient strength to protect the premises against intruders. However, their size also makes them unable to move very fast or very far. This is where their slow speed and heavy legs came in handy.

When you bring home your new puppy, make sure that you prepare your home for him as well. This includes making all your rooms as safe for your puppy as they can be. As mentioned above, most European basset hounds are quite passive and cannot perform very well without constant human companionship. Therefore, apart from the puppy being kept in his kennel or crate, it would be ideal to include your own crate in the house. Include your carpets, furniture, and other items that you do not want the puppy to chew on.

Your new friend’s coat color depends largely on genetic predisposition and the breed of the dog.

Most breeds have coats that fall in the medium range between red and brown. Some have darker, naturally occurring colors like black. The American basset hound has a natural hair color that is reddish-brown with varied, dark markings that could be hard to spot in the black fur. Their ears are shaped like that of bass and their eyelids are widely set.

Generally, the American basset puppy does not have any problem with cold weather as long as he gets daily exercise. He can tolerate both hot and cold weather provided he is given enough time and food. He will not do well during winter as his skin folds become very thin and his body becomes lean. If you live in an area with harsh winters, make sure that your pet gets sufficient care and warmth during those times.

Because of their size, the American basset hound puppy is not recommended as a pet for a very young child. This breed tends to be highly demanding and possessive of its owners. It is best suited for those parents who have a stable relationship with their pets and are capable of providing a healthy and safe home for them. Basset Hounds is also highly allergic to fleas, which could prove life-threatening for your little one. If you decide to get an American basset hound puppy, try to avoid buying one from a breeder who offers puppies at extremely low prices.

The health problems afflicting this breed are numerous.

Many of these afflictions are treatable but may require additional medical treatment. Hip dysplasia is a common condition afflicting European basset hounds that are characterized by a joint separation. They are prone to developing this condition if they receive no exercise or if they experience stress. Hip dysplasia is hereditary and occurs in two of every four European basset hounds. They tend to be overweight and suffer from lameness, stiffness of the joints, and swelling of the paws among other common health problems.

Another health problem afflicting the European basset hound is mange which is a condition that affects the hair and nails of the animal. This condition results from a lack of normal pigmentation in the skin folds and affects any bassets of both genders equally. Mange is hereditary and is difficult to cure. You can help to prevent mange by keeping your basset hound clean and grooming him regularly. Regular bathing will also help prevent the buildup of hair in the folds of the skin.

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