Adopting a Stray Dog From Abroad: Everything You Need to Know

Adopting a Stray Dog From Abroad: Everything You Need to Know

Adopting a Stray Dog From Abroad

A four-legged souvenir isn’t what you’d expect to pick up on vacation, but it happens. Here’s everything you need to know about adopting a stray dog from abroad

When you’re traveling abroad getting attached to a stray dog is not something that you probably expected, but it’s been known to happen! If you plan on bringing your new friend home with you, there are a few steps you have to take first.

Keep reading to learn more about adopting a stray dog from abroad and how to bring them home with you.

Find a Licensed Veterinarian

There are many stray dogs throughout the world that are looking for a new home or someone to love them. Take a look at these stray dogs in India that are getting some special attention from the local police force, for instance. If you have found a dog that you have gotten attached to and would like to bring them home with you the first step is finding a local, licensed veterinarian.

The vet will be able to give the dog a health check, provide them with any vaccines or medicine they need to get ready for their trip home with you. The vet will also provide you with any health certificates that are required for international travel.

If you are in a country that might have a rabies presence then you will also need to make sure that your new dog has a rabies vaccine before they are allowed to enter the United States. Check this list from the Centers for Disease Control to determine if the country is rabies-free before subjecting your dog to a rabies vaccine. Dogs that are under three months old can’t have a rabies vaccine and your new pet will have to have the vaccine 30 days prior to arriving in the U.S. which can cause issues with your travel plans.

Traveling Home

Before heading to the airport with your new dog you should check and make sure the airline allows the transportation of pets. Different airlines have different criteria for traveling with pets so make sure if you have to switch planes that they also allow animals. You will also need a decent pet carrier that will house your dog for the duration of their journey.

Some airlines allow your pet to travel in the cabin with you, depending on their size, while others will have to go below in the cargo hold. There will be different fees depending on the location of where your pet will travel. Also, keep in mind that traveling in the cargo hold of the plane can be hazardous to your dogs’ health.

Arriving Home

Now that you and your new dog have made the long journey home you can begin settling down and enjoying your new life together. But first, you need to contact your local animal health officials to make sure you are complying with any local laws.

There might be additional vaccinations that are required for your pet as well as possibly needing the rabies vaccine upon arrival.

Learn More About Adopting a Stray Dog from Abroad Today!

Adopting a stray dog from abroad can be a long and crazy adventure but of course, you never know when you are going to fall in love. When getting ready to bring them into your life make sure you visit a veterinarian, get their health screened and vaccines they need, and start making travel arrangements home.

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