10 Week Old Husky

10 Week Old Husky

10 Week Old Husky

For many dog owners, the idea of owning a ten-week-old husky is a very appealing one. Because they are so adorable and cuddly, they make great family pets, but being able to care for a young dog can be difficult, and owning one without knowing what you are doing can be very dangerous.

In order to ensure that you are prepared for raising a ten-week-old husky, you will need to know that there are certain things that should be done, and you must prepare yourself before you get your dog. Huskies have been bred for many years now, and while they have many wonderful characteristics, there are also many dangerous ones. Knowing how to take care of a ten-week-old husky is important in order to keep your dog safe and healthy.

One of the things that you should consider is getting an adult husky for your new puppy. While young puppies are cute, they still have not been conditioned for being around people and other dogs, so when you buy an adult husky from a reputable breeder, they will have already been trained in how to interact with humans and other dogs. This training is going to be needed when the dog becomes older, which will be three to four years old.

Keep in mind that the older the husky, the more training that you need to do to get them on the right track. If you just take your husky to the local park to play with other dogs and puppies, you will end up with several injured and even killed animals. The best thing to do is to take your husky to your local obedience school. The good news is that most obedience schools have classes that are specifically designed for housetraining new owners, and this is a perfect time to do a little bit of training yourself.

If you are going to be raising a husky, it is vital that you provide the proper diet for them. Huskies are very sensitive to the diet that they eat, and it is crucial that you get the correct type of food for them. The best thing to do is to take your husky to the vet and ask them what the best foods are for them to eat. They will be able to tell you which foods are good for your husky, and also what kind of vitamins and minerals are to be included in their diet.

You should also train your husky by taking them to places where there are other dogs and puppies. While it is easy to let your husky run free around the park or even at the local pet store, in the event that you do get into an accident, the same lessons should be learned as when you are with other animals, which means that you should always be extremely cautious around dogs.

Huskies can become territorial, and when they feel that they are being encroached upon, they can become aggressive, and if you plan on raising a husky that is not the proper temperament, then you will need to consider getting him from a breeder or a rescue group. Once the dog is properly socialized, he is sure to be a happy, loving dog.

It can be hard to raise a husky, but it is definitely not impossible. By taking your husky to the local dog obedience school, you can be sure that he will be happy and safe with you, and as soon as you are sure that he is a good candidate for breeding, you can get him to a good home and start caring for him.

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  1. Good afternoon, my name is Paige and am very interested in rescuing this 10 week old puppy. I live in Brunswick, GA and would be willing to travel any time if was given the opportunity. My fiancé and I are really wanting to rescue and if we had the chance to rescue a puppy even better. Please feel Free to contact me.

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