In Cuba I Was A German Shepherd

In Cuba I Was A German Shepherd

I Was a German Shepherd in Cuba

So I lived in Cuba for three years and now I am back in Florida, and I am planning to adopt a German Shepherd. I was in the process of getting a German Shepherd when the revolution broke out. All the dogs were shot. My friend had to go to the United States and get his dog from a rescue group. Luckily he was able to bring his dog home. I never got my dog, but I am writing this to try to help those in need of a German Shepherd who cannot get one because they can’t get to the USA.

The average cost of a German Shepherd dog is between two to four thousand, which varies greatly depending on the breeder and the place you are buying it from. It will cost between 300 to 600 for an adult dog, depending on age and health. As a puppy, it will cost less than a hundred dollars. If you require an adult, most rescues have people who will adopt younger puppies at a very low cost, as they do not want to put that much money into an older dog.

There are all kinds of animal shelters and rescue groups that will help you get a German Shepherd.

Some will help you adopt if you are willing to travel and provide some kind of vetting service (vetted by the animal shelters). This means they will take the animal into their care and then provide a temporary home for them until someone finds a permanent home. These are wonderful services and are always welcome if you can find them.

However, the problem is that many breeders will not provide these services, or charge too little. They want to sell as many dogs as possible and will go through any means necessary to get that sale. They may advertise their puppies online and claim them to be sired by a German Shepherd named GSD. This is true, but unless you know the person who sent you the photos, chances are it is a Photoshop job and not a true German shepherd.

The truth is that it will cost you anywhere from five hundred to one thousand dollars to adopt a German shepherd puppy in the United States.

This cost depends largely on the breed and the state where you live. You can expect the cost to be double or triple in other states. In Cuba, we had a guy who sent us his baby German shepherd puppy for $700. That was quite a bit of money for us to part with, but it was far cheaper than it would cost in the States.

We have talked to several people who have sent their pets to the Castro Government in Cuba. Most say they were not given proper care and many of them ended up dying. Their stories can be found on the internet. Some of the stories were sad, some funny, but all of them had a heartbreaking ending.

An acquaintance in the U.S. told me that they would not recommend the Castro Government’s breeding services or the purchase of pets from Cuba to anyone.

I don’t know if this is because of the lack of care for their pets, the cost of adoption, or a combination of any of these. But we have also talked to people who have sent their pets to the National Pet Rescue facility in Miami, and they have had wonderful results. Their dogs have been spayed or neutered, and they receive medical attention.

So, Cuba has German shepherds and they make great pets. Consider adopting one, or several, or even more, at an approved animal shelter in your immediate region. Adopting a new GSD from a reputable agency can be a life-changing experience for you and your family.

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