Basset Hound Rescue Las Vegas

Basset Hound Rescue Las Vegas

Basset Hound Rescue Las Vegas

The Basset is truly a vocal breed. Adopting a Basset is a superb responsibility. Although, because of their laid-back demeanor, nothing really bothers a Basset so it doesn’t happen often. Bassets are extremely intelligent, but in addition, they possess an unaffiliated nature and very low urge to please their people.

You’re giving a homeless hound a house of his own! Foster homes are often tough to find. A thriving foster home is dependent on both the assortment of the proper basset for your household, a comprehension of the basset’s wants and psychology, and knowledge about hound care.

Every puppy is going to have a certificate of health, a comprehensive shot record, along with AKC registration papers. The dogs are a sign of a critical issue in Vegas and elsewhere animal overpopulation. It’s true, you can feed your dog with this kind of a meal but you must rinse it over water to lessen the quantity of salt and the spices. If you need a dog that will to sit, stay and come on command, you don’t need a basset hound. Should you need a laid back dog that’s happy living in a little space, consider one of these guys. You should train your dog on a number of eating manners to prevent embarrassment. Additionally, a dog you’re interested in adopting today could have other interested adopters already in his queue.


  1. Very interested in a basset hound dog. I’m looking for a puppy to young adult healthy dog to become part of our family.

  2. I am looking for a few months from now. Have owned a bassett before so I know what to expect and how to care for them. Retired and widowed so can give full attention lots of walks and parks!

  3. Looking for a Basset Hound puppy to replace Jerome, our dearly departed family member who passed at 14yrs. We miss the daily “Bahroos” anytime the wind blew a leaf. Nice home, home-cooked dog food made weekly, 4 other regular dogs, lots of dog doors and grass fenced in yard. Jerome seemed very happy here.

  4. I just lost my mini cocker spaniel and am grieving myself to death! I am a widow. I used to tease my husband that he was my “blue-eyed basset hound” because he had the most beautiful blue eyes. Think “Paul Newman eyes”. I didn’t know, at that time, that such an animal actually existed. Over the years, I found out, via the internet, that due to poor breeding practices, blue-eyed basset hounds really did exist. I learned that these puppies often ended up at the local shelter because they couldn’t be sold. I am hoping to rescue an animal from having to go to the shelter. Can you help me?

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