Arizona German Shepherd Rescue

Arizona German Shepherd Rescue

Arizona German Shepherd Rescue

“Southwestern Arizona German Shepherd Rescue is a large, family-operated kennel situated on 3 acres in the southwest Scottsdale Desert. Our dogs are chosen from any of the premier named West German showing lines to make brilliant red and black purebred dogs. Our dogs have a rich history and heritage and have lived many happy lives in their past as show dogs. All of these wonderful dogs have had wonderful families, cared for, and played a part in their lives.

The purebred dogs are beautiful and loving and have come a long way since being first purchased by humans. They have had excellent breeding efforts with only a small minority of problems, which are minor. Our dogs are also raised at our kennels to be well adjusted and to be obedient, just like our families, and we want our best dogs to live in loving and caring homes.

Our Kennels are inspected thoroughly by an animal health specialist or breeder who is an expert on the specific breed of dog that you are considering. If you have children, they are evaluated to make sure that the dog can be well socialized with them, and that there are no health concerns. Dogs are not allowed to be left alone in our kennels because they are always supervised and there is never any contact between the dogs and other animals.

Many dogs are adopted from Arizona German Shepherd Rescue every day.

These are very loving pets and are loved by all who come to visit. Most of them are very happy to have a new family and are excited about living with people who love them!

Our dogs live in one of the largest dog kennels in the nation, with a large outdoor dog run that includes a large, beautiful yard that has a beautiful garden and beautiful flowers. This beautiful facility has two large fenced in areas: The Blue Grass, with lots of grass, and Red Grass with very few plants, and trees.

Our dogs live in a comfortable home in their own large, clean dog house, with a large comfortable bed, and a large dog bedding area. Our dogs enjoy daily walks outside in their lovely landscaped, beautiful yard. They have many friends and play many games with other dogs and other people.

They live in a clean, healthy, safe environment, and receive much-needed attention from the people who spend time with them. They love to go out and have fun with us and spend hours playing, swimming, running, climbing, and simply enjoying their new surroundings.

When you make an appointment with a qualified veterinarian to see if you would like to adopt a dog from Arizona German Shepherd Rescue, your vet will examine you and your family and talk to you about what type of pet you are looking for. Your vet will explain what it means to have a well-balanced dog, why you would like a dog, what kind of dog you would like, what type of training they are looking for, how much time and money you are willing to spend on your dog, and where you live.

When we have found the perfect match for your particular dog and your family, we will work with you to make sure that your dog gets exactly what they need and want.

Because we have a high number of dogs that need homes, there is an adoption waiting list for those who are looking for a good family who loves dogs as much as we do.

If you are interested in adopting a dog, please call the shelter today. We look forward to seeing you.

“Southwest German Shepherd Rescue is an excellent family-friendly kennel in the heart of Arizona’s beautiful southwest desert. Our dogs are chosen from only the finest of West German show breed imports, to make deep rich red and black colored German shepherds.

We breed only a small number of litters each year, striving for continual improvement by selectively choosing sires with Schutzhund and Sieger titles, as well as breeding only the strongest and best of stock to enrich the traits and qualities of such excellent temperament, intelligence, and correct anatomy in our dogs.

We rescue, adopt, foster, and support dogs from all walks of life, including families with children and senior citizens. We are dedicated to providing a loving home to homeless and neglected German Shepherd dogs and working to bring about a new breed of Shepherd for future generations.

The Southwest German Shepherd Rescue, based in Phoenix Arizona, was established in 1985 and is one of very few organizations in the country that focuses specifically on German Shepherd rescue. Their goal is to rescue and place German Shepherd dogs into loving homes where they will be able to enjoy life with their own families.

The Arizona German Shepherd Rescue has had tremendous success in finding homes for many of their German Shepherd rescue dogs.

The organization works closely with their dog breeder partners to find homes for dogs before they are placed with owners. They then foster these dogs until the dog owner becomes comfortable with the responsibility of owning a dog of this breed, and they can then adapt their dog.

The goal of the organization is not to get their dog into a shelter, but to find them permanent loving homes where they can live the quality life they were meant to live. The main reason why this organization is one of the largest is because of their work in Arizona. We have a wide network of veterinarians that give us the proper vaccinations required for German Shepherd dogs.

In addition, we have access to a vet facility in Scottsdale that is used for all types of vet procedures. The staff is excellent and the doctors are extremely compassionate and understanding, allowing us to interact with these loving dogs like part of our own family.

Every dog we receive goes through a screening process to determine their temperament and suitability for a loving home. A dog will be screened by the veterinarian, temperament tested, medical history will be checked, and then a personality profile completed to determine whether or not the dog is suitable for a home.

If you would like a dog that is shy, friendly, obedient, or a fun-loving dog that enjoys the daily interaction, then the dog you choose for your rescue is definitely one to consider. If you are looking for a dog that is playful, protective, friendly or has strong hunting instincts, then this is the dog for you.

We also take in older dogs if they qualify for adoption, but may require more medical attention than a younger dog would.

The shelter has many volunteers who help out with everyday operations such as cleaning and grooming, and providing food and toys, as well as taking in and screening potential adopters. We also help advertise the shelter and keep up with the latest news in canine rescue and adoption.

Whether you are looking for a German Shepherd dog to bring into your home, or just someone to spend time with or walk, there is no place better to look than the Arizona German Shepherd Rescue. The shelter is open for walk-in and walk-out pet owners who are willing to give a loving, healthy, and safe home to this wonderful breed.

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