American German Shepherd

American German Shepherd

American German Shepherd

The American German Shepherd sometimes referred to as an “Americanized” German Shepherd, is a very popular dog in Europe and other parts of the world. The American German Shepherd is actually much rarer and less popular in the United States, unfortunately, the lack of popularity often results in irresponsible dog breeding mistakes.

While there are certainly well-bred pure American lines out there from reputable breeders, because of backyard breeding the average American dog has conformation and personality far different from its European counterpart. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the major pitfalls that can occur when breeding a pure American, German Shepherd dog.

Genetics is the main fault for many problems arise when the parents have any kind of genetic abnormalities. These are called recessive traits and can sometimes be passed down to both parents. Sometimes they are recessive on one parent but dominant on the other.

Other times a dominant trait can be passed down to both parents and become dominant on one or the other. Sometimes just one trait can be dominant and even passed down.

The main problem with breeding an American German Shepherd dog is that there is no recognized breed standard.

Because of this, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of mixed American German Shepherd dogs being sold today. Many of these dogs are purebred German Shepherd and American Staffordshire Terriers but some may be purebred German Shepherds with American Staffordshire Terriers.

This can be a nightmare for any responsible owner and some breed registries are looking at these problems very closely, so hopefully, you know the difference before you begin to breed your German Shepherd dog.

One thing you need to remember about breeding American German Shepherds is that the temperament of the dog you get is important. If you want a highly intelligent dog then you should avoid breeding an American German Shepherd that has only a little bit of intelligence because this dog will become shy or aggressive easily. So you need to know what the dog was like before you decided to breed it.

Most people think that since the American, German Shepherd dog is a purebred dog it cannot be a problem to train it. That is absolutely false. As long as the breed standard has been met the dog is perfectly fine and the breeder has done their homework, your job is to help them meet the standards set by the AKC.

You should find out where the kennel club that is in your area is located and then talk to members of the club.

You should also ask to see the dogs that they have in their kennels and what types of training they have had. This will give you an idea of what type of training they are willing to provide and how well the dog will do in that environment.

There are several books available on training and caring for American German Shepherds that will show you step by step what it takes to properly train your dog. You will learn techniques to correct bad behaviors, teach it to sit, heel, stay, lie down, heel stand and other commands, and much more. It will also show you some tricks and commands that you can teach your dog that will make the whole family happy. These books are usually very affordable and will make your dog much happier as well.

You should never buy an American German Shepherd from a dealer that will only give you a certificate of registration. If you are buying a dog from an unknown source or a breeder that does not even own a German Shepherd dog then you are going to get a very unhappy pet. Buy from someone that you know and trust and buy from a reputable breeder.

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