About German Shepherd Dog

About German Shepherd Dog

About German Shepherd Dog

Many people have heard about the German Shepherd dog but some are not sure where it comes from. This breed has been used by German military personnel since the early 19th century and is popular for many reasons. Some of the many reasons include their gentle, loving personality, their intelligence, their ability to be trained, and their great sense of loyalty and love.

The German Shepherd dog is a medium-sized working dog originating from Germany. In the English language, the official name of this breed is German Shepherd. The dog’s original name was actually Schipperke and the name of the breed itself was Schipperke.

The German Shepherd dog is one of the oldest known breeds in existence today. The dog is one of the first breeds of the ancient Germanic tribe of the same name. These dogs were used in the area of the German Reich and were often used to guard cattle and protect them during wars. They were a major part of the German army and were known for their loyalty and work ethic.

There are many stories of how the German Shepherd dog got its name.

The most common story is that the dog was named after one of its former masters, which was a shepherd. Some people say the name comes from the fact that the dog is rather big when it is young, but gets smaller as it grows older. Another popular story is that the dog was named after the Shepherdess who lived in medieval Germany, so much so that she became the official religion of Germany. Regardless of how the name came about, the dog is still referred to as such.

The dog has an outstanding temperament that makes it a great family pet and an excellent companion for hunting purposes, as well as being used for search and rescue. The dog is also very trainable and has great intelligence and can easily be trained if it is given the right type of attention and training. A good example of how this dog can be used to assist a person in his or her everyday life would be in the field of medicine or law enforcement.

People love this breed because of their loveable and loyal personalities. This breed is also known for their intelligence and they will gladly learn from you if you are willing to teach them. Even with limited knowledge of German Shepherd training, they will be able to learn quickly if given the right kind of encouragement and guidance. The dog will also enjoy a family that enjoys playing and helping around.

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